How do i track my iphone X

Just call your phone number and, unless your ringer is off, you'll be able to track your phone to between the couch cushions by following the rings. Obviously, you'll have to either have access to a landline or another person's phone for this one. Though a few apps above offer a similar thing, you can create a wallpaper with your contact information for free.

Use your favorite graphics program to create a wallpaper with your name, email address, an alternate phone number you can be reached at, and any other pertinent information a person can use to get in touch with you.

Then sync the image to your iPhone and set it as both the wallpaper and lock screen. This trick could help you get a lost iPhone back if it is found by a kind person.

How to Find Your iPhone Even If It’s Dead (UPDATED FOR iOS 12)

Share Pin Email. Sam Costello has been writing about tech since His writing has appeared in publications such as CNN. Updated September 08, Continue Reading. If your iPhone fell from your pocket a few blocks away, knowing the relative location can help you recover it pretty quickly.

How to Add a device to Find My iPhone

If it's in the same location as you, it's time to play a sound on it see the next step. If your iPhone is on the move, Find My iPhone will show a green dot, representing the last known location of the device. In that case, move onto Step 5. If you know or think it's nearby your location, you may be able to hear it and find it. You can call your iPhone from another phone if your ringtone is loud enough, but if you're on vibrate or silent, your only option is to use the "Play Sound" feature in Find My iPhone.

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Calling the iPhone comes in handy in some scenarios, as you'll see in Step 5. If you're in a relatively quiet area, this could help you find your iPhone. The next easiest thing you can do is call or text your iPhone from a landline calls only, obviously or someone else's smartphone.

How to Turn On/Off Location Services on iPhone

A stranger doesn't need your iPhone's passcode or your biometrics to answer a phone call, so someone may hear it and pick up. If a call doesn't work, send a descriptive text message saying who you are, that you've lost your iPhone, and what to do if someone finds it.

If your text messages appear on your lock screen, someone else might see them and give you your iPhone — with a little bit of luck. They could also text you back for more information as long as you don't have "Reply with Message" disabled for the lock screen.

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  • Worried about sensitive information appearing on the lock screen that others may see? The call or text message route may not be the way to go then. Instead, you'll want to use Lost Mode in the next step. If your iPhone still hasn't turned up, don't fret. Find My iPhone doesn't only let you see where your device currently is, it also helps you reach out to anyone that might have it in their possession without giving them access to messages on your lock screen or other information they could access such as widgets.

    On the desktop web app, you'd just start entering a phone number they can reach you at and finish it off with a message. After hitting "Done," the message will appear on the lock screen, the device will be locked, inaccessible without a passcode, and Apple Pay will be temporarily disabled so you don't have to call your bank or go online to cancel your cards. Even if your iPhone isn't on, the next time it is, this feature will go into effect as long as it has a Wi-Fi or cellular connection.

    If you do end up finding your device, entering your passcode will automatically turn off Lost Mode, and you could also disable Lost Mode from the Find My iPhone tool.

    How to Turn On/Off Location Services on iPhone

    Play around with the message you write in Lost Mode. If you went friendly at first but received no response, get creative. Write down that there's a reward for the return of the iPhone or mention that you know where the iPhone is because you've been tracking it through Find My iPhone. It could scare them into giving it up. If you still can't find it, it may be stolen.

    This means a potential thief would need your Apple ID password and device passcode before they could turn off Find My iPhone, erase the device, or try to activate it with a carrier.

    6 Ways to Track iPhone Location Easily

    You may not have found your iPhone, but you can rest easy knowing that the thieves will have a hard time using or selling it. If it's looking like you might not get your device back, there's not much else you can do except to remotely erase everything on the iPhone, in case a thief or hacker is able to get past your passcode.

    Again, Find My iPhone can help by allowing you to erase all of the content on your device from the mobile app or desktop web app. Select your stolen or lost device, then hit "Erase iPhone. Hit "Erase iPhone" when you're ready to commit, and your iPhone will be wiped. Even if your device is off, the next time it's turned on it will be wiped.

    5 Easy Ways to Find a Lost IPhone

    If you remove the iPhone from your Apple ID account after erasing it, Activation Lock will be turned off , meaning someone else could turn on and use your device. So keep that in mind if your goal is to piss the thieves off. But there's no way to know if that happened or not since the iPhone not showing up in Find My iPhone could mean anything. You might feel compelled to get the iPhone yourself, especially if you're tracking where it is using Find My iPhone, but that's a bad idea. Who knows the kind of person that might have your iPhone, but if you go and confront them about it, it can result in a dangerous situation.